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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hot Beats - What Makes A Beat Hot

Hot Beats

Lately I've been surfing the net and spending a lot of time listening to beats, and just getting some inspiration. One thing That I've noticed is many of these amateur beat makers love to upload mediocre beats online, then with the famous words spout out...

"Hot Beats buy some, or Hot Beats check em out, or I got the Hottest Beats get them now"

I'm quite sure you have seen this if your a songwriter or rapwriter looking for some beats to make your songs. After seeing this enough though, it can get to be painfully annoying. Believe me I'm a dam good producer and I know Hot beats when I hear them, but sorry to say, most of these online producers couldn't make a Hot beat If you laid down the instructions in front of them and then took em by the hand and guided them through the beat making process. Not trying to sh*^&t on anybody, but a lot of so called producers just really don't have any talent. Bottom line is, I don't care how much software or technology you put in front of a person, If they don't have it.. They just don't have the TALENT!!!

That's the honest truth about this business, and I know it's hard to swallow but, it is what it is. I see the problem with the wave of up and coming young producers is all the bullsh*^ that's fed to them online. Not only is there an over saturation of beat making sites, but there is also this big allusion that's pushed to every wanna bee producer, that if you just download some beat making software, that you will be making Hot Beats within a very short period of time, and you will be the next P-diddy. I cannot stress enough how untrue this is. Beat making and producing is way more than just downloading software! if I've offended anyone, just don't take it personal, it is what it is. I'm not trying to ruin anyone's pipe dreams, I'm just stating reality.

Just because you download some software and you make a few little beats and tunes does not make you a producer. Just because you made the beat does not mean it's a Hot Beat. Trust me there are ways to find out if your beats are really hot. I can show you but that's for another post.

What do Hot Beats sound like

Now that I have your attention lets get to the purpose of this post. I want most of you up and coming producers to really have an understanding of what a hot beat is, Mind you this is just my honest opinion what I feel is a hot beat. I've been producing for awhile now with good results and excellent sales, so I feel I'm in good enough position to evaluate a good beat compared to a hot beat. Now truth be told you could take any number of professional producers and put them head to head to compare who has hot beats. Most of them have two things in common... TIME INVESTMENT and TALENT. Now what makes a beat hot you ask?

Well there are 5 things that make a beat hot:

1.The beat is so good, you want to keep hearing it over and over.

2.The beat has to be catchy and memorable, your gonna sing or rap along with it.

3.The beat should make you move some kind of way, no matter where you are, your gonna feel it's energy.

4.Your guaranteed to tell someone about the beat after you have heard it.

5.The beat is gonna sell itself with not much help.

let me give you some examples of some hot beats:

1.Timberland and Danja's Promiscuous Girl

Now obviously this was an extremely hot beat, and not just going by my opinion. The song was produced in 2006 by Timberland and Danja, and recorded by Nelly Futardo for her album Loose. This hot song turned out to be Futardo's first hit single in the United States. It was also nominated for the best Pop Collaboration with Vocals Grammy Award, and it won single of the year at the 2007 Juno awards. The thing about it was the fact that Timberland and Danja were listening to Some old school popular artists such as The Police, Eurythmics, Blondie and the Talking Heads at the time they were writing the Loose album. With the inspiration of the 1980's they came up with a super hot song. As of August, 2009, the song has so far sold over 2,504,000 digital downloads in the United States. As I said before, a hot beat will sell itself with no problem!

2.Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby

This extremely irritating but catchy rap song turned out to be a super hot song. It was released by Robert Van Winkle aka "Vanilla Ice" and DJ Earthquake in 1989. The song samples the bassline of "Under Pressure" by "Queen" and "David Bowie". Ice Ice Baby was the first hip hop single to top the billboard charts. Even though this rap song was frowned upon by the hardcore audience, the mainstream listeners, the majority white of course embraced it with open arms. The bassline of that catchy rap song "Under Pressure" proved to be a super Hot Beat. as of October 29 1990 the song sold 1,000,000 copies. Some beats were just born to sell.

3.Snoops - Snoop Doggy Dogg

Snoop Doggy Dogg was released in November 23, 1993, and is of course considered to be Snoop Dogs greatest work, and that might just be true. I mean who could forget that almost anthem like chant ("Snoop Doggy Doooooooooooggg") I'm bobbing my head right now just thinking about it. The G-Funk Beat of this song is the immaculate work of none other then Dr Dre! This is one True producer who can make a beat from mare start up scratch, and end up with a MONSTER SUPER HOT SELLER. I will not even get into the amazing magical work this master of music production performs when he's creating a beat. To date this album has sold over five million copies in the United States and over seven million worldwide. It also topped numerous charts. To many professional critics, Dre is the epitome of Music Production.

Now these hit singles were definitely Hot Beats, no questions asked!

Now I could go on and on with examples of Hot Beats, but we would be here all day, and we just don't have time. Too many young people get these beat making programs on computer, play with it a little bit, make a beat, and then think they are producers. Wrong!!!! true beat producing takes practice, practice and more practice...and then one more ingredient is required... that would be a tidbit of NATURAL TALENT! If still don't understand, then let me put it to you this way:

I can take anyone of these so called online producers, give them Biggie's smash hit song "One More Chance" produced by P-diddy, tell them to remake the beat from scratch, and make it sound the same way, just as Hot as the original. Sounds easy right... here's the catch though: You can't use any online software! you would only be able to use old school producing equipment 808 drum machines and the like.

I guarantee you 99.9 % wouldn't know where to begin, and that's the MuthaF^*&%n truth!!!

Professional producers can crank out good beats over and over with no problem, that's a fact. But a Hot Beat is a whole different story, and believe me there is no magical formula to creating a super Hot Beat. However many of us need to sit back and really rethink what a good Music Producer is. We also need to ask ourselves these questions:

1.Are we really putting in a 100% effort in our craft?

2.Are we striving to perfect our beat making skills?

3.Are we taking time to listen to a huge variety of music?

4.Are we getting some formal education and training in music production?

5.Are we really using our equipment to it's fullest potential?

6.Do we strive to make our music sound original?

Every producer want's to make hot beats no doubt, but that ever so elusive smash chart-topping hit always seems so close. With a lot of hard work and a bit of luck, you can too make that one super hot beat you dream about everyday.

Until next time -

Keep Producing

Beat producer Lavish


  1. Good article and straight to the point. So many dont have a musical sense for making beats. Its not the equipment its the producer. Most dont understand the concept of being a musician. - Mack Costello

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  4. good article bro. i cant make hot beats yet but im on my way since i do all the things you listed ;)

  5. this shit is so fuckin lame yall shuld get a new one were you an test it out to make your own beats see thats why im about to get a website and show yall how one suppose to be made.....<3



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