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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hot beats - How To Become A Hip Hop Rapper

Since the early 1970's hundreds of hip hop fanatics have become rappers themselves, following behind there favorite emcees. Transforming from an unknown rapper to a world wide famous rap star is of course the dream of many young aspiring rappers. What is the secret of the successful rappers of today and how do they make it in the rap game?

Well there is really no secret or mystery about it. Becoming a hip hop rapper takes persistence, determination and more practice than a lot of people are willing to put into this craft. Every guy and his father wants to be a rapper these days. If you take a look around you, it is guaranteed that you know someone who wants to be a famous rapper. However the honest truth of the matter is.... 90% of the worlds aspiring rappers will never get a record deal or become famous. After a number of years trying they will simply fade away into obscurity. This is just the honest hard truth and mathematics of the matter.

You may ask yourself why? well it's very simple... the rap industry is just over saturated. Like I said before, everybody and they daddy wants to become a famous hip hop rapper. Sorry I don't mean to ruin anyone's pipe-dreams but most of you will not make it.

However you can have plenty of fun and enjoyment trying to become one. What I want to do in this post is give you a few pointers that will increase your chances of becoming a world famous rapper. So take notes if you must.

Now given the current state of the hip hop industry and rap music itself, the music is no longer genuine and pure as it was in the beginning. At that time being a rap star didn't pay nearly as much as it does now. The old school rappers did it mostly for the love of the music, the art form was extremely important back then. This is no longer the case!!

Being that the music is now under the control of the white corporate media major record labels, RAP IS NOW WATERED DOWN AND COMMERCIALIZED!!

Everyone wants to be a rapper to get rich. This is now the sad state that rap is in. Money is now the true motive of most people who attempt to get in this game. Creativity and originality is now thrown out the window in hopes of gaining a fat bank account by copying the usual gangsta, pimp, womanizing, player thug persona.

This is the most popular and affective method of getting a record deal in this day and time.

How to become a rapper

So to start off, first you must come up with a name for yourself. Now like I just said the gangsta rap persona is what sells nowadays, that's the reality of it. So your name has to be something like "glock spitter" or "A-K 40" or nine millimeter, something like that, you get the point. Your name will automatically be easily remembered whenever someone mentions it.

The next step is to hone your rap battle skills. Many famous rappers started their careers off this way. They would go from neighborhood to neighborhood battling other emcees rep, money and prizes. This method can build you up a serious fan base. This will also help you develop lyrical expertise and do wonders for your reputation.

Next you have to consistently write lyrics and practice your vocals. You have to learn to bring emotion to your songs as you say them. This makes your rap songs more believable. Make sure to develop your own unique rapping voice. This will set you apart from every other gangsta rapper out there. Since all the other ones will be rapping about the same things you do... guns, drugs, bitches, hoes, cars, and jewelry, Ya'll know the usual rhetoric, your voice is the only thing that will separate you from the rest.

Another very important tool for any aspiring mc is the art of reading. Now I should skip this one tip, being that many young rappers don't really read nowadays. They are too busy smoking weed all day long and trying to be hardcore instead of building up their mental game, but this post is how to better your chances of becoming a rapper, so I'll just go on and tell you anyway. When it comes to rapping, the most powerful weapon any mc will possess in his arsenal is his ability to read and do research. Now weather you believe this or not does not matter, it's just pure fact. I can get further in depth than this, but that subject is for another post. Make reading and research a daily part of your rap repertoire!

Let me say this one more time.... READ READ READ!!!!

Next it's time to create a demo or mixtape or cd of your best work. There are many studios that are cheap to rent, and can pump out quality work. What you want to do is make as many quality CD's as possible.

Next you want to get as much publicity as possible by distributing your cd to as many people as possible. Produce flyers and get them distributed by going to parties, clubs, musical events. Pass your work out to other rappers and dj's, and network as much as possible because you never know who someone else knows.

Now this last most important factor for getting out there is where most people will fail. Promotion... This is where the consistent grind comes in at. You have to promote yourself by any means necessary. This means using all possible tools at your disposal to make a name for yourself. Use the internet as a way to promote yourself. Make a myspace page, a facebook page a twitter page. Build a website and or blog featuring your bio and music. Make videos displaying your talent on sites like youtube and metacafe. Keep your fans posted on your latest endeavors and your future activities.

Promote yourself offline on a daily basis by doing shows at your local clubs. Schedule parties at your house or a friends house and perform your songs. Go from block to block battling opponents, and starting freestyle sessions. Join local rap contests help train other aspiring rappers. All of this will build you up a high power reputation and get your name circulating. However like I said before most people will not put in this type of work and effort. Many of today's rappers are just too lazy and sorry to go to these lengths to get their name out there.

How to become a rapper the bottom line

In today's rap industry it's all about image and less about talent. So getting publicity by any means necessary is the way to go. Being that violence and sex sell so well in rap music, your gangsta image will boost your chances of getting a record deal significantly. However it will also increase your chances of attracting trouble for yourself. So it is sort of a two-edged sword.

The gangsta image requires that you have run-ins with the law, and that you have done time in jail or prison. This will ultimately get you some street credibility, and your songs will become more believable. On the flip side this can also ruin your career goals and get you more time than you bargained for or in some cases get you hurt or killed. Remember rap is a powerful outlet, and the type of rap you do will attract a certain type of people.

So that's about it, you are now armed with the knowledge to go out and pursue a rapping career. If you follow these tips you will become a very good rapper, but becoming a world famous rapper takes a shit-load of luck and being in the right place at the right time with the stars and the moon aligned in the right order. Good luck on your journey, rapping is hard work but can be very rewarding if you put in the time and effort. Weather you remain a local rapper or a famous rich rapper like the great ones depends on fate and the luck of the draw.

till next time-

keep producing and rapping


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hot Beats - Calling All Beat Makers And Producers

If your a regular reader here, then you should know that I for one am very serious about producing and helping others who are interested in making beats. Today I have a surprise for all you beat makers who claim to be very talented. There is a site that I have done some extensive research on, and is run by a very respectful group of producers who are professional and serious about the music business. I'm not going to tell you who is hosting this huge contest, I'll let you find that out on your own.

Think your ready to battle other producers with your beats? then step up to the plate. If you have what it takes. Quickly head on over to BeatkangZ.

You now have a chance to display your best work for all to witness over the internet. If you are wondering what you have to do, then wonder no more. You will have to submit your best beats to compete with other beat makers all over the world. Sounds easy ha!! We'll not so fast Mr top producer, you will also have to submit your work on the new beat virtual machine that's taking the beat making industry by storm. Once you check out the hardware and get use to it, then you need to churn out some super slamming beats. If your beat turns out to be the best, you can win....

10,000 dollars

This is a good chance for all those who claim to be producers to put your skills to the test. Remember making beats is an art form, it's not just about beat making software. I really feel all serious producers should enter this contest. If your not serious please do not waste your time checking out the site.

I would really love to get some feedback from those of you who have entered the contest, good bad or otherwise.

If your a producer and your ready to battle with the best of them, then hurry up to enter the contest, and you might just end up with your bank account becoming a little fatter. Get more info here;

$10,000 Cash Prize for Best Beat

good luck to all


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How To Make Hip Hop Beats

how to make beats

To a beginner learning how to make hip hop beats can be extremely difficult. You have all your software running and your MPC is plugged up and you build your first loop. Your kicks, hats, and snares are right where you want them. However when you play your beat back it sounds horrible and generic - something like a machine - like a flat soda it has no fizz to it. You listen to it, against the beat of your favorite hit song, and it just lets you down. Your beat gets 5 thumbs down, you wanna run away with your tail between your legs. This is how it is when your learning how to make hip hop beats. You ask yourself what are the famous music producers doing to their beats that your not?

Well what you haven't done yet is master the 3 keys to beat making. What are the three keys you might ask? Do you really wanna know?... ok drum roll please...

The 3 keys to how to make beats are:

1 - Quantization

2 - Velocity

3 - Sound

There I told you, now you know, so what are you going to do about it? Get ya skills up I hope! Now let's talk a little more about the three keys to beat making.

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how to make beats - Quantization

Quantization is the process of aligning a set of musical notes to a precise setting. This results in notes being set on beats and on exact fractions of beats. MIDI sequencers are used for this purpose. MIDI sequencing has a rigid time grid. Here in lies the big problem when it comes to making hip hop beats. You have to learn how to break out of this time gird, reason being quantized music sounds so unnatural. Learn to come up with your own grooves. Think outside the box, your tools are just that... tools. You have to put that human element into your beats.

For instance take the drum machine as an example. It is only a machine, any sounds it produces will sound machine - created (not human). Make your machine - created beat sound like a human drummer. This will give you natural sound. IF you still don't understand let me explain it this way -

Human drummers cannot play perfectly the same way a drum machine can. A real drummer will play some of their hits early and some of their hits late (breaking out of that preset-grid). These small "mishaps" cannot be picked up on by human ears but they play a big factor in what is banging at the clubs and what is not.

This is how real music was made back in the days of the Temptations, Phunkadelics, Earth,Wind and fire and the Delphonics. These groups had live bands that could play the hell out of live instruments. This is why their music was so spectacular, it had that out of the MIDI restrictive grid sound, that real human feeling. This is also why we music producers of today sample all that old good human music. So learn to quantize your notes with some human touch.

how to make beats - Velocity

Velocity is another way to make your beats sound like a human drummer. Human drummers can beat their drums in numerous ways - softly, hard, directly in the middle of the drum, outside toward the rim of the drum, loud, flams and rolls, and ghost notes. These different patterns forces contribute to human playing of the drums.

Remember these types of hits are unnoticed by human ears, however they play a major part in what makes the crowd get up and dance and what doesn't.

You can program in the Velocity after you program your beats in the drum machine. When your using your keyboard or your MPC you should be able to control the Velocity. If your really good you can tweak the velocity manually. Hey this is for the really talented.

how to make beats - Sound

Mostly all amateurs mess with sound first. Downloading kits, and playing with the EQ's and rummaging through samples try to make their beat sound hot. This is a no no, Your beat will automatically sound good if it is well programmed. You do this by getting Quantization and Velocity down to a tee.


Master these 3 beat making keys and it's a guarantee recording artists will be knocking down your door to buy and use your hot beats.

If you want to get your sounds right master these techniques:

Beat Layering: To create original human sound real music producers take multiple samples and layer them on to of each other.

Beat Tuning: Tweak your samples to the correct notes and your drum sounds will be in the same key as the song.

EQuing: If you want your beat to be hot you have to know what frequencies to bring out and what frequencies to take out.

Learning how to make hip hop beats is an art form

Learning how to make beats is an art in itself. learning how to make hip hop beats is gonna take plenty of practice, trial and error. This is also going to consume a lot of your time. Understand and master the 3 keys to making beats and you as a music producer will go to the next level.

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Until next time-

Keep Producing

Lavish the beatmaker

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hot Beats - What Makes A Beat Hot

Hot Beats

Lately I've been surfing the net and spending a lot of time listening to beats, and just getting some inspiration. One thing That I've noticed is many of these amateur beat makers love to upload mediocre beats online, then with the famous words spout out...

"Hot Beats buy some, or Hot Beats check em out, or I got the Hottest Beats get them now"

I'm quite sure you have seen this if your a songwriter or rapwriter looking for some beats to make your songs. After seeing this enough though, it can get to be painfully annoying. Believe me I'm a dam good producer and I know Hot beats when I hear them, but sorry to say, most of these online producers couldn't make a Hot beat If you laid down the instructions in front of them and then took em by the hand and guided them through the beat making process. Not trying to sh*^&t on anybody, but a lot of so called producers just really don't have any talent. Bottom line is, I don't care how much software or technology you put in front of a person, If they don't have it.. They just don't have the TALENT!!!

That's the honest truth about this business, and I know it's hard to swallow but, it is what it is. I see the problem with the wave of up and coming young producers is all the bullsh*^ that's fed to them online. Not only is there an over saturation of beat making sites, but there is also this big allusion that's pushed to every wanna bee producer, that if you just download some beat making software, that you will be making Hot Beats within a very short period of time, and you will be the next P-diddy. I cannot stress enough how untrue this is. Beat making and producing is way more than just downloading software! if I've offended anyone, just don't take it personal, it is what it is. I'm not trying to ruin anyone's pipe dreams, I'm just stating reality.

Just because you download some software and you make a few little beats and tunes does not make you a producer. Just because you made the beat does not mean it's a Hot Beat. Trust me there are ways to find out if your beats are really hot. I can show you but that's for another post.

What do Hot Beats sound like

Now that I have your attention lets get to the purpose of this post. I want most of you up and coming producers to really have an understanding of what a hot beat is, Mind you this is just my honest opinion what I feel is a hot beat. I've been producing for awhile now with good results and excellent sales, so I feel I'm in good enough position to evaluate a good beat compared to a hot beat. Now truth be told you could take any number of professional producers and put them head to head to compare who has hot beats. Most of them have two things in common... TIME INVESTMENT and TALENT. Now what makes a beat hot you ask?

Well there are 5 things that make a beat hot:

1.The beat is so good, you want to keep hearing it over and over.

2.The beat has to be catchy and memorable, your gonna sing or rap along with it.

3.The beat should make you move some kind of way, no matter where you are, your gonna feel it's energy.

4.Your guaranteed to tell someone about the beat after you have heard it.

5.The beat is gonna sell itself with not much help.

let me give you some examples of some hot beats:

1.Timberland and Danja's Promiscuous Girl

Now obviously this was an extremely hot beat, and not just going by my opinion. The song was produced in 2006 by Timberland and Danja, and recorded by Nelly Futardo for her album Loose. This hot song turned out to be Futardo's first hit single in the United States. It was also nominated for the best Pop Collaboration with Vocals Grammy Award, and it won single of the year at the 2007 Juno awards. The thing about it was the fact that Timberland and Danja were listening to Some old school popular artists such as The Police, Eurythmics, Blondie and the Talking Heads at the time they were writing the Loose album. With the inspiration of the 1980's they came up with a super hot song. As of August, 2009, the song has so far sold over 2,504,000 digital downloads in the United States. As I said before, a hot beat will sell itself with no problem!

2.Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby

This extremely irritating but catchy rap song turned out to be a super hot song. It was released by Robert Van Winkle aka "Vanilla Ice" and DJ Earthquake in 1989. The song samples the bassline of "Under Pressure" by "Queen" and "David Bowie". Ice Ice Baby was the first hip hop single to top the billboard charts. Even though this rap song was frowned upon by the hardcore audience, the mainstream listeners, the majority white of course embraced it with open arms. The bassline of that catchy rap song "Under Pressure" proved to be a super Hot Beat. as of October 29 1990 the song sold 1,000,000 copies. Some beats were just born to sell.

3.Snoops - Snoop Doggy Dogg

Snoop Doggy Dogg was released in November 23, 1993, and is of course considered to be Snoop Dogs greatest work, and that might just be true. I mean who could forget that almost anthem like chant ("Snoop Doggy Doooooooooooggg") I'm bobbing my head right now just thinking about it. The G-Funk Beat of this song is the immaculate work of none other then Dr Dre! This is one True producer who can make a beat from mare start up scratch, and end up with a MONSTER SUPER HOT SELLER. I will not even get into the amazing magical work this master of music production performs when he's creating a beat. To date this album has sold over five million copies in the United States and over seven million worldwide. It also topped numerous charts. To many professional critics, Dre is the epitome of Music Production.

Now these hit singles were definitely Hot Beats, no questions asked!

Now I could go on and on with examples of Hot Beats, but we would be here all day, and we just don't have time. Too many young people get these beat making programs on computer, play with it a little bit, make a beat, and then think they are producers. Wrong!!!! true beat producing takes practice, practice and more practice...and then one more ingredient is required... that would be a tidbit of NATURAL TALENT! If still don't understand, then let me put it to you this way:

I can take anyone of these so called online producers, give them Biggie's smash hit song "One More Chance" produced by P-diddy, tell them to remake the beat from scratch, and make it sound the same way, just as Hot as the original. Sounds easy right... here's the catch though: You can't use any online software! you would only be able to use old school producing equipment 808 drum machines and the like.

I guarantee you 99.9 % wouldn't know where to begin, and that's the MuthaF^*&%n truth!!!

Professional producers can crank out good beats over and over with no problem, that's a fact. But a Hot Beat is a whole different story, and believe me there is no magical formula to creating a super Hot Beat. However many of us need to sit back and really rethink what a good Music Producer is. We also need to ask ourselves these questions:

1.Are we really putting in a 100% effort in our craft?

2.Are we striving to perfect our beat making skills?

3.Are we taking time to listen to a huge variety of music?

4.Are we getting some formal education and training in music production?

5.Are we really using our equipment to it's fullest potential?

6.Do we strive to make our music sound original?

Every producer want's to make hot beats no doubt, but that ever so elusive smash chart-topping hit always seems so close. With a lot of hard work and a bit of luck, you can too make that one super hot beat you dream about everyday.

Until next time -

Keep Producing

Beat producer Lavish

Friday, January 8, 2010

How To Become A Music Producer

The basic job of a music producer is to supervise and oversee recording projects. This includes helping artists create and perfect music to their highest potential. Every good producer should have a good ear and a knack for music. Their technical skill should be at a level to where they can create and make musical ideas a reality. As a music producer you have to know your job.

Becoming a music producer

The role of a music producer can take on many different aspects, depending on the person. Some producers are efficient at the technical side of producing, such as working the keyboards and mixing boards. They pretty much like a hands-on approach. Many other producers are there just as an adviser giving tips and guiding the artist through there songwriting and recording process. However a producers job is always the same, and that is to oversee the recording process and make sure the artist is creating his best work to the fullest potential.

Now that I have got that out the way lets get to the juicy part.

In your journey to becoming a producer there are many qualities that you need to develop. However there is one thing that every person who wants to become a producer must have I bet you want to know what that is.. all right I'll tell you-

Every person that wants to become a music producer must have... (drum roll please)


It's just that simple - a person must love music in order to produce his or her own music. You have to first introduce yourself to all kinds of different music, Weather it be Rock, Rap, Jazz, Blues or whatever. You would be a person who listens to music more often then the average person. Now if you love to listen to music no matter what and you find yourself wanting to create sounds and make your own melodies, then most likely you want to know how to become a producer. So let's find out what must be done to become a music producer.

How to become a music producer step-1 - developing music know-how

Learn how to play instruments: Every person wanting to become a producer should gain a feel for the sound of music by playing different instruments. This will help develop the skill and know how of making melodies and becoming familiar with different sounds and notes. Take some music lessons whenever possible. Training can go a long way. A very good start would be to play the piano or the guitar. These are versatile and ubiquitous instruments. You should experiment with whatever you can get a hold of. See what instruments you like the best. Spend sometime playing drums, mandolin and bass. You don't have to be an expert at each and every instrument, but this will help you get a real good feel for music. This is one key to becoming a music producer.

Build and expand your musical knowledge: If you want to be sure if your music sounds right you have to know how to solve musical problems. Take much needed time out to study musical theory and composition. Learn as much as you can about songwriting and lyric writing techniques. Always work with different artists whenever possible. Understanding music theory and composition will help you in your sessions when your music doesn't seem to sound exactly the way you want it to. This is an important key to becoming a music producer.

Listen to as much music as possible: If your serious about becoming a producer you should be listening to music all the time. When studying a song, you should listen to it closely and attempt to pick apart the arrangement and instrumentation of the song. Try to become familiar with what a particular instrument does to the sound and feel of the music. Another method to creating a good sound is to identify common elements in 2 or more good songs. See what both the songs have in common to make them both sound good. There is no standard method or sure formula for creating a hit song, but you can identify elements in a song that make it stand out from the rest. A producer should work along with the engineer to craft good sound quality of music.

Research music material: Make sure you spend quality time researching music books, articles, and magazines. Research music production until it's coming out your ears.

How to become a music producer step-2 - Learning the technical side of music production

In your journey to becoming a music producer it is mandatory to learn as much as possible about the actual recording process. This part of course requires hands-on experience, Which is what you want to constantly do. Master the tools of the trade.

Get to know your recording software: If you want to become a music producer. Experiment with a lot of different audio programs such as Digital Performer, Pro Tools and Logic. This is necessary due to the fact recording is done digitally in these days and times.

Master audio engineering: There is a lot of equipment and hardware involved in music production. Your technical know-how has to be above par. It is essential that you master the hardware. You need to eat, sleep and drink keyboards, mixing boards, preamps, compressors and microphones, just to name some of the equipment. Hardware is also available as software units, however the controls are the same.

How to become a music producer step-3 - educate yourself about music production and engineering

If you really want to become a music producer, then formal training is in order.

You should take classes in audio engineering: There are plenty of courses available to aspiring music producers and engineers. Check out your local colleges, and recording studios for courses.

Earn your degree in music production: There are many colleges to attend in your area, that major in audio engineering and music production. IPR, Los Angeles, Berklee music school, and Georgia State University are just some of the schools to look into.

How to become a music producer step-4 - Network whenever possible

Now that you have your skills down pack it's time to get out there and meet people. It is a known fact that it is not how good you are, but who you know when it comes to breaking into the music industry. So to get out there, it is extremely important to build relationships and meet as many people as possible.

Seek out an internship: Spend a lot of time searching for recording studios and production companies. Many of these places give internships for up and coming music producers. Many of these internships are usually low-paid or no pay at all. As an intern you will make very little money, and get very little sleep due to the long hours and weeks. Starting at the bottom is tuff and you will have to move up slowly. Expect to run a lot of errands for engineers and artists.

Find a group to work with: Another good method of breaking into the business is to work with an artist or artists who are looking for a music producer. The more people you produce for, the more other potential artists will want to work with you, and check out your production skills. Make sure to spend a lot of time going to local shows, your bound to find artists to work with. Producing music you like is worth the trials and tribulations. Produce as many albums and demos as possible. This will build up your track record. If you get to produce for an artist or artists, do it at a low price, especially if you are unknown.

Start your own studio: Last but not least Get your own producing equipment. If you want to become a music producer, your own recording studio is a must have. This way you can have a spot for artists and musicians to rent out so they can record. This will also build up some credibility for you and will also attract potential clients your way.


Becoming a music producer is a long and hard road. The travel is not pretty..believe me. However if you really love music this will not matter. You will have to start at the bottom, and work your way up. You will have to build up your production skills. You will have to master your tools. Again if you really love music this will only be fun and challenging for you. With persistence and dedication however, your first hit record is not that far off.

Beat producer Lavish- QV2PVGGQPH3Y

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Beat Producer Hard At Work

To Achieve anything Takes Persistence and Dedication

LAVISH is a well known music producer, audio engineer, and graphic designer to many. He is best known for his creative style of original beats with various break downs. He has sold many beats on the streets to artist and even more beats online. He is very successful for online marketing and persuasive in selling his creative and stylish beats and skillful talent to many. Personal favorites he has sold to many artists.

He was born on July 7, 1990 in Charlotte, North Carolina. At the age of three the family moved to Jonesboro, Georgia. He began school at Point South Elementary and Point South Middle. The family returned to North Carolina. There, he attended Marie G. Davis Middle School and West Charlotte High School till the eleventh grade and moved back to Georgia, therefore, graduating from Riverdale High School in Riverdale, Georgia.

His desire for music began in elementary playing the recorder. In the fifth grade he joined the band and chose to play the trumpet. It was not until the year 2006 he developed an interest in making beats. He started out making beats on a Casio keyboard wired through Reason alongside with his third oldest brother.

The first hit made was recorded by an Atlanta artist “Rebel” that was produced along with Infraredhotkey called “Game Addicted.” The tract was dynamite moving his mother to purchase him his own Casio keyboard. So the beginning of his making beats. Ten months later he began using a program called FL Studio 6. With much practice his beats gain momentum. By late 2007, now a senior at Riverdale High, he started selling beats to his fellow classmates as well as online.

Early of 2009 he continued to expand his talents in sound. He invested into a M-Axiom 49 and purchased state of the art vst(i) instruments. Some of his personal favorite is Omisphere, Chris Hein Horns/ Guitars, Kontakt 4, for the bass Trilian, and various other light vsts all in FL Studio 9. For recording artist some of his equipment he uses is the ST51 microphone, M-Audio Fast Track Pro interface, and Nuendo for the sequencer. He has mastered both FL Studio 9 and Nuendo to get the top quality for him and his artist music.

He now owns a business online generating monthly beat sales. He dedicates time and loyalty to developing the website and maintaining his artist that does business with him. He does not look at his customers as just customers, but individual talented artists, and admires any style of music they make while he gives constructive criticism to help them develop their music, and does his job as a music producer and not a beat maker.

Full time job as a music producer

Words by Lavish-

"As a music producer making beats, it is essential that you put your time in. Practice, practice and more practice is the key to perfecting your talent. Listening to various types of music is a key part to producing. Listen to other producers work, and study it to get a feel of different techniques and ways of putting together material. Many producers have a good ear for music, and they also play instruments. A producer should spend as much time in the studio as possible. Another big part of being a producer is attending shows and music events. Keep up with the word on the streets and in the clubs about shows and guest appearances. Your networking skills must be above par. In the beginning, producers don't make a lot of money, as mentioned earlier, you must put your time in. Being a producer is a full time job"-


Lavish believes strongly that any person can accomplish his or her goal by having the right mind set. If one man made it another can break it, and if it has been done once it can be done again. Nothing is impossible but anything is possible, and most importantly, understanding is half the battle but you only win by taking action.

Beat producer Lavish


If you have any questions regarding the information in this site please feel free to email me. I do not spam and I will not share your email address with anyone or any third parties.

Send your questions to Lavish