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Friday, January 1, 2010

A Beat Producer Hard At Work

To Achieve anything Takes Persistence and Dedication

LAVISH is a well known music producer, audio engineer, and graphic designer to many. He is best known for his creative style of original beats with various break downs. He has sold many beats on the streets to artist and even more beats online. He is very successful for online marketing and persuasive in selling his creative and stylish beats and skillful talent to many. Personal favorites he has sold to many artists.

He was born on July 7, 1990 in Charlotte, North Carolina. At the age of three the family moved to Jonesboro, Georgia. He began school at Point South Elementary and Point South Middle. The family returned to North Carolina. There, he attended Marie G. Davis Middle School and West Charlotte High School till the eleventh grade and moved back to Georgia, therefore, graduating from Riverdale High School in Riverdale, Georgia.

His desire for music began in elementary playing the recorder. In the fifth grade he joined the band and chose to play the trumpet. It was not until the year 2006 he developed an interest in making beats. He started out making beats on a Casio keyboard wired through Reason alongside with his third oldest brother.

The first hit made was recorded by an Atlanta artist “Rebel” that was produced along with Infraredhotkey called “Game Addicted.” The tract was dynamite moving his mother to purchase him his own Casio keyboard. So the beginning of his making beats. Ten months later he began using a program called FL Studio 6. With much practice his beats gain momentum. By late 2007, now a senior at Riverdale High, he started selling beats to his fellow classmates as well as online.

Early of 2009 he continued to expand his talents in sound. He invested into a M-Axiom 49 and purchased state of the art vst(i) instruments. Some of his personal favorite is Omisphere, Chris Hein Horns/ Guitars, Kontakt 4, for the bass Trilian, and various other light vsts all in FL Studio 9. For recording artist some of his equipment he uses is the ST51 microphone, M-Audio Fast Track Pro interface, and Nuendo for the sequencer. He has mastered both FL Studio 9 and Nuendo to get the top quality for him and his artist music.

He now owns a business online generating monthly beat sales. He dedicates time and loyalty to developing the website and maintaining his artist that does business with him. He does not look at his customers as just customers, but individual talented artists, and admires any style of music they make while he gives constructive criticism to help them develop their music, and does his job as a music producer and not a beat maker.

Full time job as a music producer

Words by Lavish-

"As a music producer making beats, it is essential that you put your time in. Practice, practice and more practice is the key to perfecting your talent. Listening to various types of music is a key part to producing. Listen to other producers work, and study it to get a feel of different techniques and ways of putting together material. Many producers have a good ear for music, and they also play instruments. A producer should spend as much time in the studio as possible. Another big part of being a producer is attending shows and music events. Keep up with the word on the streets and in the clubs about shows and guest appearances. Your networking skills must be above par. In the beginning, producers don't make a lot of money, as mentioned earlier, you must put your time in. Being a producer is a full time job"-


Lavish believes strongly that any person can accomplish his or her goal by having the right mind set. If one man made it another can break it, and if it has been done once it can be done again. Nothing is impossible but anything is possible, and most importantly, understanding is half the battle but you only win by taking action.

Beat producer Lavish

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  1. Great blog! I will definitely check out your website as i'm a music producer looking for more insight on the business. Cheers!

    producer chris young



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