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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hot beats - How To Become A Hip Hop Rapper

Since the early 1970's hundreds of hip hop fanatics have become rappers themselves, following behind there favorite emcees. Transforming from an unknown rapper to a world wide famous rap star is of course the dream of many young aspiring rappers. What is the secret of the successful rappers of today and how do they make it in the rap game?

Well there is really no secret or mystery about it. Becoming a hip hop rapper takes persistence, determination and more practice than a lot of people are willing to put into this craft. Every guy and his father wants to be a rapper these days. If you take a look around you, it is guaranteed that you know someone who wants to be a famous rapper. However the honest truth of the matter is.... 90% of the worlds aspiring rappers will never get a record deal or become famous. After a number of years trying they will simply fade away into obscurity. This is just the honest hard truth and mathematics of the matter.

You may ask yourself why? well it's very simple... the rap industry is just over saturated. Like I said before, everybody and they daddy wants to become a famous hip hop rapper. Sorry I don't mean to ruin anyone's pipe-dreams but most of you will not make it.

However you can have plenty of fun and enjoyment trying to become one. What I want to do in this post is give you a few pointers that will increase your chances of becoming a world famous rapper. So take notes if you must.

Now given the current state of the hip hop industry and rap music itself, the music is no longer genuine and pure as it was in the beginning. At that time being a rap star didn't pay nearly as much as it does now. The old school rappers did it mostly for the love of the music, the art form was extremely important back then. This is no longer the case!!

Being that the music is now under the control of the white corporate media major record labels, RAP IS NOW WATERED DOWN AND COMMERCIALIZED!!

Everyone wants to be a rapper to get rich. This is now the sad state that rap is in. Money is now the true motive of most people who attempt to get in this game. Creativity and originality is now thrown out the window in hopes of gaining a fat bank account by copying the usual gangsta, pimp, womanizing, player thug persona.

This is the most popular and affective method of getting a record deal in this day and time.

How to become a rapper

So to start off, first you must come up with a name for yourself. Now like I just said the gangsta rap persona is what sells nowadays, that's the reality of it. So your name has to be something like "glock spitter" or "A-K 40" or nine millimeter, something like that, you get the point. Your name will automatically be easily remembered whenever someone mentions it.

The next step is to hone your rap battle skills. Many famous rappers started their careers off this way. They would go from neighborhood to neighborhood battling other emcees rep, money and prizes. This method can build you up a serious fan base. This will also help you develop lyrical expertise and do wonders for your reputation.

Next you have to consistently write lyrics and practice your vocals. You have to learn to bring emotion to your songs as you say them. This makes your rap songs more believable. Make sure to develop your own unique rapping voice. This will set you apart from every other gangsta rapper out there. Since all the other ones will be rapping about the same things you do... guns, drugs, bitches, hoes, cars, and jewelry, Ya'll know the usual rhetoric, your voice is the only thing that will separate you from the rest.

Another very important tool for any aspiring mc is the art of reading. Now I should skip this one tip, being that many young rappers don't really read nowadays. They are too busy smoking weed all day long and trying to be hardcore instead of building up their mental game, but this post is how to better your chances of becoming a rapper, so I'll just go on and tell you anyway. When it comes to rapping, the most powerful weapon any mc will possess in his arsenal is his ability to read and do research. Now weather you believe this or not does not matter, it's just pure fact. I can get further in depth than this, but that subject is for another post. Make reading and research a daily part of your rap repertoire!

Let me say this one more time.... READ READ READ!!!!

Next it's time to create a demo or mixtape or cd of your best work. There are many studios that are cheap to rent, and can pump out quality work. What you want to do is make as many quality CD's as possible.

Next you want to get as much publicity as possible by distributing your cd to as many people as possible. Produce flyers and get them distributed by going to parties, clubs, musical events. Pass your work out to other rappers and dj's, and network as much as possible because you never know who someone else knows.

Now this last most important factor for getting out there is where most people will fail. Promotion... This is where the consistent grind comes in at. You have to promote yourself by any means necessary. This means using all possible tools at your disposal to make a name for yourself. Use the internet as a way to promote yourself. Make a myspace page, a facebook page a twitter page. Build a website and or blog featuring your bio and music. Make videos displaying your talent on sites like youtube and metacafe. Keep your fans posted on your latest endeavors and your future activities.

Promote yourself offline on a daily basis by doing shows at your local clubs. Schedule parties at your house or a friends house and perform your songs. Go from block to block battling opponents, and starting freestyle sessions. Join local rap contests help train other aspiring rappers. All of this will build you up a high power reputation and get your name circulating. However like I said before most people will not put in this type of work and effort. Many of today's rappers are just too lazy and sorry to go to these lengths to get their name out there.

How to become a rapper the bottom line

In today's rap industry it's all about image and less about talent. So getting publicity by any means necessary is the way to go. Being that violence and sex sell so well in rap music, your gangsta image will boost your chances of getting a record deal significantly. However it will also increase your chances of attracting trouble for yourself. So it is sort of a two-edged sword.

The gangsta image requires that you have run-ins with the law, and that you have done time in jail or prison. This will ultimately get you some street credibility, and your songs will become more believable. On the flip side this can also ruin your career goals and get you more time than you bargained for or in some cases get you hurt or killed. Remember rap is a powerful outlet, and the type of rap you do will attract a certain type of people.

So that's about it, you are now armed with the knowledge to go out and pursue a rapping career. If you follow these tips you will become a very good rapper, but becoming a world famous rapper takes a shit-load of luck and being in the right place at the right time with the stars and the moon aligned in the right order. Good luck on your journey, rapping is hard work but can be very rewarding if you put in the time and effort. Weather you remain a local rapper or a famous rich rapper like the great ones depends on fate and the luck of the draw.

till next time-

keep producing and rapping



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